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Magnus Yachts builds high-quality yachts in the most efficient way, without loss of quality. We combine spacious design and efficiency with the latest technology and innovative systems. This is how we build powerful and striking yachts in collaboration with you. Always enjoying space, power, performance, and beauty.

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sail like a King

High quality custom yachts built in the most efficient way, without concessions.

Magnus Yachts is a high-end Dutch yacht builder dedicated to build yachts that offer lifestyle, space, speed, and fuel-efficient cruising. Thanks to our experience and reliability, we have been building the most luxurious ships and yachts for decades. That’s the reason why you will always find the right experts to talk to.

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Magnus Yachts - Our Flagship 56
Our flagship


Stand-out design, fast, sleek, and spacious.

Magnus Yachts are recognizable by their excellent shape and roomy interior. Her beauty lies within the elegant, contemporary design and fine sailing characteristics. Personally, we proudly place Magnus Yachts, on each customized yacht we build – because we want to recognize ourselves in our product, quality, and our proud brand name.

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Brilliant as gold

Enjoying comfort and space on the water? Plenty of space and comfort for the most beautiful trips to the most beautiful places where not everyone comes. Enjoy sailing and anchor in a bay. You do this through an invisible anchor exit below the waterline, which can be operated from the bridge deck. Swimming, sunbathing, good food, drinks and staying the night, because it's all possible.

Our 56-footer is very quiet and extremely powerful thanks to the two Volvo Penta engines. With the installed joystick driving it offers an easy way to maneuver with precision. The high-tech deep-V planing hull, deadrise 19°, excellent balance and effective spray rails ensure a smooth and dry ride.

Sufficient state of the art innovations on board, such as:

Modern bridge deck • Sky windows • Deep-V planing hull, deadrise 19° • Cabin windows at water level • Panoramic side windows • Vertically lowerable bathing platform • Stylish LED lighting


ft 17,5 m


ft 4,6 m

Estimated Top Speed

kt 60 km/h



Magnus Yachts Team

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Magnus Yachts is a high-end Dutch yacht builder dedicated to build custom-made yachts that offer lifestyle, space, speed, and fuel-efficient cruising. The experience and passion of the owners is the culture of the company and the professionals who work there.

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