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Magnus Yachts is a high-end Dutch yacht builder dedicated to build yachts that offer lifestyle, space, speed, and fuel-efficient cruising.

Magnus Yachts - Pure customer creation & perfection

Pure customer creation & perfection

To make wishes come true we work with the best designers, naval architects, engineers, and craftsmen. Our people are skilled and qualified professionals. People who are loyal, have above-average experience, an eye for detail and passion for exceptional quality.

This, coupled with our well-thought-out workflows and carefully selected materials, results in top-quality yachts and the best value for money. Magnus Yachts have exceptionally long service lives to be in optimal shape, always ready to sail. Naturally we will offer lifetime support.

Magnus Yachts - Crafted in Holland

Magnus Yachts, crafted in Holland

Every new project is like a new adventure, starting on a blank piece of paper and ends in personal endless journeys and time on board. Magnus Yachts builds high-quality yachts in the most efficient way, without loss of quality. We combine design and efficiency with the latest technology and innovative systems. This is how we build powerful and striking yachts. Elegant and solid, safe, and fully automated.

A few good reasons

Why choose Magnus Yachts?

Spacious design

With its spacious interior and comfortable sailing qualities, a Magnus Yacht is always a beauty. Together we create your timeless design.


Magnus Yachts are always very spacious and comfortable to sail. Volvo Penta's powerful twin engines always provides enough silent power for smooth cruising and performance, use less fuel and we aim always to lower emissions. A Magnus Yacht glides super comfortably over the water thanks to the excellent design of the boat and the Deep-V planing hull.


All Magnus Yachts are handcrafted in the Northern part of the Netherlands. We have world-class specialists and craftsman in-house and new colleagues are also trained in-house. Each yacht is special, it is built according to the wishes of our customer.

Real Dutch quality

Magnus Yachts is a high-end Dutch yacht builder dedicated to build yachts that offer lifestyle, space, speed, and fuel-efficient cruising.

Thanks to our experience and reliability, we have been building the most luxurious ships and yachts for decades. That’s the reason why you will always find the right experts to talk to.

Personally, we proudly place our name Magnus Yachts, on each customized yacht we build – because we want to recognize ourselves in our product, quality, and brand name.

Magnus Yachts - Meeting
OUR people

behind magnus

Magnus Yachts - Remco and Gerard
De Jong en Bruins Slot

Remco de Jong & Gerard Bruins Slot are progressive yacht builders with their own vision. Together they have over 20 years of experience in yacht building. New constructions, hull, refit, and all forms of technology. No ship holds secrets from them. This way you discover what works especially how it can be done even better. This is the intrinsic motivation to work together under the name Magnus Yachts and her sister company JBS-Yachting.

a passionate team

The Magnus Yachts team has now expanded considerably and consist of almost 20 people. Working at Magnus means being part of a passionate team that works enthusiastically on beautiful products. We take pride in everything we build. In our work we combine technology with luxury, comfort, and safety. And every day we strive to become even better.

Do you want to hear more about our story and meet our people? Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Magnus Yachts Team


At Magnus Yachts we go full steam ahead. That’s why we’re always looking for new people and professionals to join our Magnus family. Being part of Magnus means being part of a team of experts who are tireless perfectionists, who pay attention to detail, and each other.

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